About Us


BDO Cash Card is a multi-functional re-loadable prepaid electronic debit card that supports both retail and corporate customers. It allows you to make ATM transactions such as withdrawals, fund transfers, prepaid airtime reloading, and bills payment. It also allows you to shop at over 10,000 establishments nationwide.

Simply put BDO Cash Card affords you the security and convenience of an ATM card without having to open a deposit account with the bank.

Today BDO Cash Card is proud to be part of a wide market that cuts across individual retail customers to big corporations for their banking and purchasing needs.

This multi-functional, multi-purpose and dynamic card comes in several variants. We have the Basic Cash Card that you may simply purchase at any Banco de Oro branch.

For your payroll and other special corporate needs such as remittances bonus pay-outs and insurance premiums, you may choose among our Basic Corporate Cash Card Design, or Private Label Cards that is a specially designed Cash Card that carries your company logo, or a Co-Branded Cash Card where your logo will be prominently displayed along with the Cash Card logo on the face of the card.

You may opt to submit your own design for the Private Label and Co-branded Cash Cards.